about the “depth of field” project

Depth of Field is a multi-arts performance (music, dance, video) that’s currently in development, within the context of a project for “social action” (working with marganilized youth in the production of artistic projects). It is produced and organized by Césaré, National Center for Musical Creation with students from E2C school of Châlons-en-champagne. The artistic director of the project is the composer Tom Mays, collaborating with Olivia Grandville, choreographer et Vivien Trelcat, computer assistant.

The students participating in the production during almost weekly workshops are:

Mélanie Bouillon, Geoffrey Ferat, Laura Gournet, Mickaël Petitjean, Damien Polis, Rahamatou Ridhioine, Raphaël Surdel, Cédric Thumy et Déborah Totaro.

The goal of this blog is to serve as a central point for information about the project in english, especially for the english-speaking mobile phone video contributors (see call for participation). Anybody can subscribe to this blog to leave comments or even to author articles.

Enjoy following the project!